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Powell Works

Founded in 1998, Powell Works , with  manufacturing facilities located in Hangzhou, China, has earned the reputation as a leading manufacturer of pneumatic tools and accessories and many other products across the world.  As a Chinese manufacturer and exporter specializing in pneumatic tools and accessories and as an international direct and third party supplier, Powell Works ongoing tribute is to dramatically expand our business in the US by becoming a vendor of choice. 

Over the past fifteen years, Powell Works has become not only  a leading manufacturer in China but a major player in over 10 countries to include Europe, Australia, South America, and the United States with offices and distribution  facilities located in Los Angeles, CA and Cincinnati, OH. Our manufacturing facilities build more than 1 million products in a years time with sales of more than $20 Million. Over the past few years our operations have created the infrastructure to support the daily requirements to supply a full category of pneumatic products and also support the full line of products selling on the web through our existing drop ship program. With this said, we believe Powell’s continued success will come from our dedication to grow not only our brands but also the private label brands and following our core philosophy of ensuring our customers’ peace of mind by delivering a superior product and ownership experience.