PowRyte Elite 18 Gauge by 1 to 2-in Multi-Pack Brad nails, 2000-Pack

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  1. T-shape head style and chisel point type provide retention
  2. Galvanized finish for greater rust resistance
  3. Collation type adhesive for high durable
  4. Fewer tool jams for finer carpentry and finishing
  5. Pack quantity: 2000 (1"- 500; 1-1/2"- 500; 1-3/4"- 500; 2" - 500). Fasteners per stick: 100.
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Nail Gauge
Nail Length
1, 1-1/2, 1-3/4, 2-Inch
Nails per Stick
Nail Head Type
Nail Coating
Electro Galvanized
Pack quantity
2000 (500 nails of each size)
PowRyte Elite 18 Gauge by 5/8 to 1-1/4-in Multi-Pack Brad nails are great for moldings, picture-frame assembly, trim, and cabinetry building. T-shape head style and chisel point type provide retention. Galvanized finish for greater rust resistance. Collation type adhesive is great for high durable. Fewer tool jams for finer carpentry and finishing. (500)1", (500)1-1/2", (500)1-3/4" & (500)2" nails, 2000 pack, nails per stick: 100. This multi-pack brads are fit for most 18 Gauge brad nailers.

Two-Year Limited Warranty

 This tool is warranted by the manufacturer to the original purchaser from the original purchase date for two (2) years subject to the warranty coverage described herein. If this product is used for commercial, industrial or rental purposes, the warranty will apply for ninety days from the date of purchase. This tool is warranted to the original user to be free from defect in material and workmanship. If you believe that a tool is defective, return the tool, with proper proof of purchase to the point of purchase. If it is determined that the tool is defective and covered by this warranty, the distributor will replace the tool or refund the purchase price. Freight costs must be borne by you. This warranty is void if: defects in materials or workmanship or damages result from repairs or alterations which have been made or attempted by others or the unauthorized use of nonconforming parts; the damage is due to normal wear, damage is due to abuse (including overloading of the tool beyond capacity), improper maintenance, neglect or accident; or the damage is due to the use of the tool after partial failure or use with improper accessories or unauthorized repair or alteration. This limited warranty does not apply to the items that are normally required to maintain the product, such as O-rings, springs, gaskets, seals, fluid nozzles, needles, filter elements and other related items. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. For warranty questions, contact our customer service department first by email: customerservice@powryte.com