PowRyte Basic 4.2 Oz Mini HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun - 0.8mm Nozzle

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  1. HVLP design to obtain high transfer efficiency, reduce overspray, and save time and paint
  2. The separate and adjustable fluid fan pattern and air controls make for more precise fan patterns and less waste.
  3. Equipped with a stainless steel needle and an external mix spray nozzle for a professional quality finish.
  4. Filter ensures clean paint, helping you get the best end result
  5. Includes 4.2 oz. plastic paint cup, 0.80 mm spray nozzle, for precision spraying
  • Specifications
  • Description
  • Warranty
Feed Type
HVLP Gravity
Mix Type
Fluid Nozzle size I.D.
0.0315 in.
Cup Capacity
4.2 oz.
Working Pressure
20-30 PSI
Fluid(water) Delivery
-100 ml/min
Air Consumption
3.1 scfm@30psi
0.66 lbs
Air Inlet
1/4" - 18 NPS
Accessories Included
Brush, Spanner and Cup Filter
PowRyte Basic 4.2 Oz Mini  HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun is a HVLP gravity feed touchup spray gun. It is smaller than full size spray guns and gives a spray pattern range of 1 to 7 inches. It is great for jobs that fall between the larger spray guns and smaller airbrushes. This air paint sprayer features include an adjustable fan pattern and volume control for a superior finish. 4.2 Oz. polished plastic cup allows for viewing of the paint fluid level while providing chemical resistance and easy cleaning. This gun includes a 0.8 mm spray nozzle, with an operating pressure of 20 to 30 PSI and air consumption of 3.1scfm @30 PSI. The stainless fluid needle and nozzle are compatible with the advanced coatings of today. The in-line filter removes dirt particles from paint, preventing paint defects. This air paint gun also includes multi-wrench, cleaning brush, socket and fluid filter.